Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Baby Sherman Update

Jake and I had our follow up ultrasound today to find out whether the baby was growing properly, monitor heart and blood flow, etc. Everything looked great, in fact the tech and doctor that I saw told us that the baby is measuring in the 47th percentile for growth, which is perfectly normal. NO we did NOT find out the sex of the baby. We decided against it. Don't be haters… I can here some of you swearing at us under your breath already… He/she weighs 2lbs and 14oz right now. The doctor's guess was that he/she would be around 7lbs, but said these things are hard to predict (as we all know).
Heart and blood flow looked great and the baby was active as can be. He/she did NOT like being pushed around, so wherever the tech went w/ that monitor the baby would follow it and kick / punch back. It was funny. Lots of rolling around. The tech also got a shot of him/her breathing and said he/she was "practicing breathing." Popcorn is probably practicing right along w/dad, who's trying to perfect his breathing technique for the swim portion of his upcoming triathlon. ;)
To be safe, the doctor said I should come back every 3 weeks. He didn't say that it was because there was anything to be concerned with, but only because once he receives a patient for monitoring he likes to keep them as his patients to be completely thorough. Fine by me. I'll take a peep at the little bugger every 3 weeks! That means when this is all said and done we will have had around 10 ultrasounds. Geeze!
Due date will stay the same for now. We were given 9/6, then 9/9, now 9/10 (but we're sticking w/ 9/6)… wouldn't you know Popcorn would be born on 9/11?? Why wouldn't he/she? It's a war baby!
No digital pics to this time… sorry!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Testing 1, 2, 3

Well here it is... the moment I never thought would come. "Who blogs? Why would you share your life on a publicly available website with any Joe Schmoe in the world? Does anyone really care? Do I even have the time??" These are the questions I've asked myself around setting up a blog for some time now.

Life moves pretty fast, I can say that for sure. It's almost hard to believe all the things that have occured over the last 2 and 1/2 years since Jake and I have been married - not to mention in the years before that.

So here I sit this Saturday morning, at 29 weeks pregnant, watching Jake finish his daily triathlon training with his biggest helper at his side - Hudson, the fearless shorthair. Hudson woke me up this morning bright and early at 6:30 sitting up straight in the bed, staring at me wide eyed, as if to say, "I know you're ready to play, because you're looking at me. So stop faking it and get up already! There's a whole world out there and there's a box of tennis balls in the closet so let's go!" It's hard to be mad about waking up so early on a Saturday when you have that face staring down at you. With the hustle of the life and all that's before us, I figure Jake and I better get a good start at documenting all that's happened in our lives so far, what's to come and how The Sherman Life progresses. We owe it to our family and friends that we don't always have the pleasure of seeing or catching up with to share these crazy times.

So this is my "test." My first attempt at a "real life" blog. You'll see typos here and there, misspelled words, (is that one word or two?) attempts at photo postings with nothing but a blank screen, but I'll get there. You'll surely have no problem deciphering the posts that are left by Jake, as he's the "blog / computer king" and can do this all with his eyes closed.

More to come... most likely this weekend. As a spokesperson for A.D.D., I have to get up and try my hand at another task before attempting to blog the last 2 years of our life, or you'll all be at risk of reading the super shortened version of it all. Which might not be so bad!