Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Midsummer Night's Dream

No, I haven't read it (I know, shame shame). It just popped into my head as I sat down to type my blog update. We're already past "midsummer", it's night, and all I did today was daydream. About what you ask? Oh, who knows... vacations on the beach, having so much money that I don't know what to do with it (no, money doesn't buy happiness, but seriously sometimes I beg to differ). I was also thinking about how Jake and I haven't assigned a legal guardian for Layla yet in case something should (God forbid) happen to us. Come on, that's just not acceptable.

So, I've made it a goal to get that done this weekend. Yeah, sounds simple right? Writing our will and assigning a legal guardian for Layla. That is some serious shit right there. That's a super serious and heavy decision to make as parents, but it's a huge thing to ask of someone. "Hey, what are you doing this weekend? Wanna go get a drink and then hit the lake? Oh, and can you be the sole guardian of Layla if something ever happens to Jake or I? Great. Thanks." If anyone has any hot tops on writing a will, shoot 'em our way please!!

This past weekend was pretty chill for the Sherman's. Hit a lake party on Saturday and relaxed on Sunday. Jake has been up North, doing something fancy with the Iron Grid for the past three days and is set to be home by 8:00. Layla's pretty excited about that (and I suppose I am too). :) Now, just push through the week and get to the weekend... Jake's taking the Ice Man to a Brewer game for a late dad's day / bday gift and I believe Bean and I are hanging out w/ G'ma D. Sounds like a nice family weekend to me!

I'll leave you with this "Midsummer Night's Dream"... Dooce. She makes a living blogging about her life and on the book she wrote about going coo coo after she had her first kid. Now that's what I call interesting. And I found out today she makes over 1 million dollars a year. Maybe I should start blogging about my co-workers and get fired so that I can start up my own internationally known blog and be rich? Yeah? You think??

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Missed my babies!!

Well, I made to Vegas and back without losing any money, breaking any bones, being robbed, getting in any fights and / or killing myself. It was a close one, but I made it! ;) The trip was amazing and I had a wonderful time with the girls. I'll post pictures later today of the trip (I'm on my work computer now and the pics are on our home computer).

The only part of the trip that was hard to deal with was being away from the fam. I missed Layla the second I walked out the door and had to do everything in my power to keep my mind on Vegas and not on my little blond baby girl while I was there. I think that I'll be traveling WITH my girl for the next several vacations instead of without her. It was so hard to be away from her!!! And it seems like she grew a ton and learned how to speak every word in the English language while I was gone! How does that happen in four days??

Here are just a few pics of her from last night. She was helping me load and unload the dishwasher while daddy did his homework. For some reason, she loves the dishwasher. While playing, she asked for some milk and I gave it to her in a "big girl" cup (no, we haven't made the full transition from bottle to sippy yet... deal with it. Every kid is different and what works for yours may not work for ours. For those of you who weren't going to judge us in the first place, sorry). You'll see how happy she was about the sippy option.
The last video is for Stef. Not the same video you watched on my camera, but similar. I'll be sure to post the video of her dancing to Beetles music on my next post - just for you. :)
Happy Thursday, wish it was Friday!

Hmmm... What's in here??
Mummy's little helper.
After breakfast this a.m. -- Oops, eggs and apples on the floor mummy (or, in Layla's words, "ewww mummy!").

We're in T-R-O-U-B-L-E.

My little dancing queen!!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Life Moves TOO Fast

My dearest little Layla - Yesterday, you turned 22 months old. Last night, as we laid on the floor together, you started "styling" my hair with your hands and a comb. You're blossoming into a beautiful little girl, and we only recently noticed that you're no longer our chubby little baby. You're a little girl, with stark white blond hair that curls into a little pig tail when we put it up and who loves dresses and shoes. You're starting to say more everyday (we're still awaiting your first swear word) and you love to be chased (by anyone including dogs), to dance, to tumble and to play outside. My favorite thing to hear you say, "Wuv you mummy!" This morning, you decided to wake up at 4:00 a.m. Daddy recently said he's no longer waking up with you in the middle of the night because he knows you don't need anything. You usually don't, but I always get up to check on you to be sure you're okay and not covered in poo poos. I let you cry it out for a while last night, but after listening to you wail, "Mummmy! Daddddy!" for about 10 minutes, decided I should peek. What happened next? Your blond curls popped up over the edge of the crib, you smiled, giggled a bit and said, "Mummy." Then, you handed me your blanket and reached out for me. How could I resist? I'm leaving for Vegas in just two days and won't see you for FOUR whole days. That is a record and I miss you already. So of course I scooped you up and snuggled you on the couch for an hour or so. Then, I snuck you into our bed and said, "Shhh, don't get us in trouble." You smiled and whispered, "Wuv you mummy."

Layla, I promise to do a better job at posting pictures and updates to your blog. We created this for you, so that you have something special to look back on when you're grown. Life moves too fast, especially for your working parents. But, life should never move so fast that we cannot stop to smell the roses and reflect on the moments in our lives that should be cherished and made into everlasting memories. We LOVE you soooo much!!!


Latest and greatest in the Sherman household: I'm packing and ready for Vegas trip on Thursday. Cannot wait. Work has been overwhelming and a bit blah lately... strange that I can be so busy yet so unamused at the same time. Yesterday I found myself daydreaming in a meeting and wondering how on earth I ended up working for a giant financial institution, marketing to people about how much to save for retirement. Snnnoooooze. Important, yes. Amusing, not always. How do you make the transition from working for a financial institution for six years to doing some sort of marketing for a more light hearted company? I'm so much better at dreaming up fun slogans and pitches for travel companies, liquor / beer companies, retail, dining, etc. You just can't slam, "Who's gonna bail ME out?!" on a retirement flyer and expect to get that through compliance, you know? ;) Maybe I should just write a book. What would I write about though? Start my own reality show? Open a winery that delivers??

Jake is busy with summer school (fishing and land navigation) and post grad classes. His good friend Nimm is in town with his family so Jake's headed to the Brewer game tonight. Hopefully he's not as late tonight as he was on Saturday night. More tequila, babe?

Summer is finally here and the sun is shining. Oh happy day.... Looking forward to more summer events, cookouts, parties, and another vacation in August!

Stay tuned, and don't give up on us... I promise to do more posting in the future!!!