Friday, December 18, 2009

The Christmas Destroyer

Apparently, Hudson decided at some point during the day yesterday that Christmas should be over and that the giant Christmas tree we brought home was really intruding on his ability to press his giant beak up against the front window all day long. Jake came home to a very frightened dog last night and a gigantic mess... This picture doesn't do it justice. There was water from the tree stand everywhere, needles all over the damn place, ornaments from here to Texas and a toddler that kept saying, "Hudson naughty!"

Thank goodness for shop vacs.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Sherman Family Christmas Tree Hunt

A couple weeks ago, Jake, Layla, Hudson and I took a trip to a sweet Christmas tree farm across from Pike Lake. It was super cool -- "sleigh rides" (well, a big tractor trailer being pulled behind a giant tractor), hot cocoa, dogs could come, and even Santa was there!! We rode out to the tree farm and hiked through the woods to find the perfect tree. Layla and I ended up making the final decision on the tree (it's huge). I'll post pics of it once I have my new camera. We all know how great the pics will be w/ our existing camera.

This year started a new tradition for us. It was so much fun to go out with the whole fam and pick our own tree and celebrate the coming holiday. I think Hudson was SUPER pumped to have been included... Although, he was slightly wigged when the trailer we were in started moving. It took him a while, but eventually, he chilled out and just rode with us.

Whoah. Hey... what the?? Jesus, is this thing supposed to be moving? Everyone! Get low!

Layla, Hudson (see him there, right in front of Jake?), and daddy dragging our prize tree out of the woods.
Check this sucker out.
Whoo hooo!! Tractor trailer rides are fun!
Mommy and Layla. Merry Christmas to all!!!

This video cracks me up. Layla is daddy's little helper. He yells for Hudson, Layla yells for Hudson. He says "good boy", Layla says "good boy". Precious.

Monday, December 14, 2009

I'm back!

Alright Layla girl... here's a quick update for you and your followers. The first few pics are just some snaps of you from last week... your visit to Santa, you modeling your new Christmas dress for your Great Uncle Joel and Great Aunt Tammy's Christmas party next weekend, and you just hanging out.

These past few weeks with you have been hilarious. You're learning about a billion things a day and every day you talk more. You had me laughing so hard I was crying last night because you were making your silly faces and then laughing at yourself. You reminded me so much of me!! Daddy's going to love the fact that you think you're so funny... just like I think I'm funny!!

I hear Santa has a lot of your wishes crossed off his list. Once again, this year you will be a very spoiled little girl. But, I think you deserve it. It's your sibling that will be added to the family in years to come that will probably suffer and get far less than you did!

And, to those of you who are as fully aware that our camera sucks as we are, my mom got us a new camera for Christmas so come the end of the month, the Sherman pics will no longer look like a glob of snot was covering our lens when we took the picture. Hats off to Olympus though. This camera made it through a deployment in Kuwait and some serious slams on the ground and floor since then.

Bean modeling her 2009 Christmas dress. She's pretty pumped about it, especially because it's not scratchy.

Chillin with her best bud.

Bundled up to go play in the snow with Daddy.

Showing me the Nemo fish Santa gave her at the annual Rau Xmas party. Daddy went to get her fish from Santa while we hid from him. Then she made me take her downstairs away from Santa to play with it.

And, earlier in the day, this is the death grip Layla had on me when we went to lunch with Santa. It was no wonder she wanted nothing to do with him later that night at Rau's party!

This was last night. Layla and I made cupcakes while daddy was away hunting. She loved sitting on the island and stirring the batter, but wouldn't taste it!!
Not sure what was going on in her head here. She was just really into stirring.

Ahhhhh!!! Chocolate!

I love frosting!

Ta da!!!!!!!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Santa's going to bring me coal!

Oye. Santa is going to bring me a big boat load of coal this year for my terrible blogging (or, shall I say, lack there-of). I promised two people yesterday that I'd have an update on the blog last night with pictures and all, and look. Nothing... we got preoccupied last night decorating our Christmas tree and after it was said and done Jake and I were both cross-eyed tired from playing defense with Layla and Hudson.

I brought my camera in today, but of course forgot the USB cord. My darn memory card doesn't fit into the card reader that's installed on my work computer, so, ya'll are gonna have to wait another day. I promise to get my tail into the basement tomorrow a.m. with pictures of our trip to the Christmas tree farm from last weekend and our trip to G'ma and G'pa's for Thanksgiving.

This weekend, we're taking Layla to lunch with Santa, then to a friend's Christmas party where Santa will also be making an appearance (he's one busy man this time of year). Then Grandpa Rog will be popping in for a visit w/ us on Sunday. Lot's of fun!

Stay tuned, and please don't send hate mail.