Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Layla's First Christmas!

Well, we made it thru Layla's first Christmas! On Saturday, she got to meet her Great Grandma Jean! Grandpa and Grandma Sherman and Great Grandma Jean met us for lunch and we all got to hang out and watch the Packer's lose at the Milwaukee Grill in Janesville (thanks for the recommendation, Gobbz). Layla loved Grandma Jean and says THANK YOU for all the WONDERFUL gifts.
Christmas Eve was spent at Nonni's house in Sun Prairie. The pictures here are of Layla with Auntie Lindsey and Uncle Ray. I think Ray tried kidnapping Layla Bean several times. ;)
The last pic you see here is of Layla in her exersaucer from Santa. She loves it... It's supposed to be for a 9 month old, so she gets a bit overwhelmed by it after about 10 minutes or so, but she gets more and more used to it each time we plop her big butt into it.
Of course we can't forget about 'ol Iron Guts, Shovely Joe, Bloody Gums, Scruffy Paws (each of the nicknames comes from a classic Hudson story). As you'll see, his good friend Rocky gave him a bag of tennis balls for Christmas. He decided he likes carrying the entire bag around, rather than taking one ball out at a time. Of course.
Oh, and Layla started eating cereal this weekend too. More pics to come (no seriously, I'll post the pics, I've given up on Mr. Mom sticking with this blog thing...oh, I'm going to get it for saying that) of messy face and her first cereal experience.
Merry Christmas to all!!! And Happy New Year!!!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Okay.. I know... I couldn't be more annoying with all these pictures. But I'm a PROUD mama and am SO excited to be sharing these. We get our full disk of photos this week in the mail... can you imagine how many emails and blog posts I'll be doing then??

Hope you're enjoying these. If not, well, stop looking at our blog then.


Monday, December 10, 2007

Our Little Santa


Cherry Mristmas From Layla and Papa

Bean's first photo shoot

Here's a preview of some of the photos taken of our little glamour girl yesterday. We had her 3 month photos taken yesterday with a professional photogrpaher. It was so much fun. Jake and I laughed almost the entire time. She was so interested in the lights and flashes and couldn't quite figure out what the heck was going on the entire time. Of course, we couldn't get her to smile to save our lives. As soon as we got in the car to leave however, she was smiling from EAR TO EAR. Little shyster. ;)

There'll be plenty more photos sent to us on a disk by our photographer soon. We'll of course share them with you as we get them!!!

Oh, and dad was VERY annoyed with me dressing him up on a PACKER Sunday and dragging him to a family photo shoot during the game. Yes, that was MY BAD. But you gotta do what you gotta do as a mama who wants pretty pics of her family, right???

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Christmas Hunter Bean

Just a typical Saturday here at Bean's house. Dad was up early to go drive some deer... he came home solo, with no deer in hand. Boo. Bean and I stayed back and did the normal Sat routine: tank up on formula (Bean, not me), sing, dance, clean, watch "Run's House", and grocery shopped. Once dad got home, he decided it was time to let Bean try on his favorite blaze orange hunting hat. Fits nice, hugh?

We put our tree up last week and will be decorating it tonight. Layla could give two hoots if the tree has ornaments on it or not. She loves it just the way it is - with lights and that's it. She stares at it all the time.

Fatty pants went back to sleeping thru the night again on Wednesday. Whew. She doesn't nap all that much during the day, so she's wiped at night and sleeps like a rock. Knock on wood.

Time to finish the Xmas shopping. I think I'll manage to get all the gifts this year without leaving the house. Thank God for the Internet.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Another Day in the Life

Well another day has come and gone. It is snowing pretty hard right now and I am super pumped to be seeing more and more of the white stuff. Time to cut the Polaris' loose for another season.

Layla has decided that she does not want to sleep through the night anymore; which is fine because even when she was Hudson was not. I will use the night before last for my time line description....

8 pm Put Layla to bed

9:30 pm Jake and April and Hudson go to bed ( I know that is lame, but we were tired need sleepy)

11 pm Wake up to April yelling at Hudson who was sitting on her head asking to go outside to puke because Old Iron Guts has not learned his lesson and is still eating things that he shouldn't

12:47 am Wake up to a blood curdling scream from April who is having a night terror

1:30 am Finally fall back to sleep after my heart rate returns to normal

1:45 am Wake to to April telling me that it is my turn to let the dog out to puke. (When I open the door to a frigid blast of North wind Hudson decides he isn't going out in that and tries to retreat back into the house, only to be thrown by the scruff of his neck out the door. Just seconds after he lands he throws up chunks of an old tennis ball)

3:15 am Aprils turn again with Hudson

4 am Layla decides that she wants in on the action. She is hungry and wants a little schneck right this second or she is going to shit a kitten.

5 am Alarm Let's Get This Day Rollin'

Cherry Mistmas to All and To All a Good Night

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Would you watch our reality t.v. show?

I told Theresa yesterday that Jake and I have decided to start playing the lottery as our instant "get rich quick" scheme. Becoming a parent is like being bitch slapped into the reality of financial hardship and Jake and I are budgeting like crazy... when I say budgeting, I don't mean saving either. I mean STRUGGLING TO MAKE IT. I'm the "strict" one in the house when it comes to the finances and am monitoring everything that comes in and goes out like a hawk. Poor Jake. So yesterday as the morning news was talking about some random $100 million dollar power ball winner in some ho dunk town, I thought "Seriously, look at the people who play the lottery. It's all the people that are basically up against a wall wishing in one and and you know whating in the other." So why aren't we playing!? When I told Theresa this her recommendation was for us to have our own reality t.v. show that we could make money off of just for letting a camera crew chase us around. Jake, Layla, Hudson and I. I guess I'd watch the show... dog who eats rat poison, locks the family out of the truck only to have the local police rally to save the day, stay at home army dad, working mom who's trying to figure out how to speak to adults again after talking baby for 3 months strait, broke down vehicles, unexpected bills, over the top spastic mom who most likely has a combination of A.D.D., O.C.D., post partum (how do you spell that), anxiety and just plain control issues (all combined with humor of course) and a hilarious baby that just keeps getting fatter.

What would we call it?? "The Shermans go crazy"???

Or, I could just start signing up for every game show and HGTV reality show out there in hopes we win a million on "Deal or No Deal" or win a complete home makeover or clean sweep from one of the thousands of t.v. shows there are out there that somehow find these families that wish they could redecorate their home but only have $21 left of their biweekly allowance.