Monday, January 28, 2008

Bouncing Back

Blog fans: Sorry for the massive lapse in posts/updates. Shortly after our last post, Layla was hit with her first whammy also known as the "daycare devil". I was called just minutes after dropping her off at daycare on Fri a.m., the 18th, and told she had just puked everywhere so I had to come get her. I won't go into all the details, but what resulted was two good weeks of snot, coughs, fevers, pukes, diarreah, sleepless nights, three missed days of work for me (two because I was hit w/ the bug Layla had and was sicker than I've EVER been in all my life, one to take care of Layla while she was sick and not well to go to daycare) one missed day of work for Jake (would've been more had it not been the end of the quarter at school as he was also hit with Layla's bug and sick as a dog but had to fight through it), cancelled night out for Jake and I this past weekend, cancelled day of snowmobiling, mucho dinero spent on infant meds (baby vicks rub, saline nose drops and kleenex is about all you can do these days for a baby suffering w/a brutal cold) and dayquill, nyquill, cough meds, cough drops, sudafed, kleenex galore, soup, 7up, crackers, blah blah blah blah blah, for us. We learned that you can be warned about the inevitable "daycare devil" sickness that will take over your life shortly after your baby starts daycare, but even the most detailed, emphasized warning can't prep you for how it all goes down.

So, sorry for the delay in posts... and sorry there aren't more pics here. Give us a few days to ease back into it all and pray that Layla doesn't get sick again. Not sure we can handle it... teething is starting now, and her glorious "sleeping through the nights" time seems to be over. Up 5 times w/her last night.

Just a few pics from yesterday... going thru hats to see what still fits. Had to squeeze this pink one on her Charlie Brown dome. Want to make it last just a bit longer as it's too cute for words. Also a pic of her in her Jumping Johnny... it was the 1st time we plopped her in it. She was a bit stunned and not quite sure whether she like it or not. But, she was relaxed, as you can see. Just kickin' it old school in her jumparoo.

Oh joy, oh bliss.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Go Pack, Yummm, Growing too Fast

Pretty random title for today's post, hugh? Well, the pics are pretty random too, so I couldn't think of anything that would sum the entire weekend up and still make sense.

So... Go Pack... the picture of Bean with a Giant smile on her face is after the big Packer's win! She was very excited!! Check out those cheeks!!! Also, the pic of her and papa (I know not the best lighting for the pic but if I would've opened the blinds I think Jake would've died from the bright light) is from Sunday... As you can see, Jake celebrated the Packer's win a bit too hard on Saturday night. He was on Layla duty only for a short time while I tried to clean up. Notice how Layla is trying to get the bottle back in her mouth and Jake is just laying there half dead? This was his first, and most likely, last hangover as a parent. He was a HURTING UNIT yesterday.

Bean had a great weekend with her cereal. As you can see from her "yummm" picture, she can't get enough of the stuff. The girl pretty much dives for it as soon as she sees the spoon.

Last... pictures of our "peanut's" clothes that she's grown out of so fast. I feel like every time I turn around, I'm packing more clothes away that don't fit. Makes me sad. So, instead of just being sad about it, I thought I'd take pictures of some of the things she's outgrown already. I can't believe she EVER fit into any of these tiny things. Teagan - as you'll see, I've found more of your stuff. I've put it in the pile to give back to your mama in case she has another girl next instead of the boy she's intent on having!

Happy Monday! :)

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Carrying a Microwave

Yeah, I said it. Layla is now so huge that I've decided I can't carry her in her car seat anymore. It's honestly like carrying a microwave everywhere you go. I'm very close to dropping her in it or falling down. Two things I just don't want to do. So at daycare drop off today I made the decision. Layla will be pulled out of her seat and carried in from now on. No more carrying that microwave we call Layla in a car seat.

Here's a pic of her in her bumbo seat. It's supposed to be for babies starting at age 5 months or so. As long as they can hold their head up, they can sit in the seat. My question: why don't they make a "fat baby" size? Layla is way too fat for her seat. Check out the look on her face. Her thighs are so big I had to pry the leg holes open to get her little chubbins in there and then when she'd had enough (she couldn't breath) she started yelling at me to get her out. I had to use one hand to pry the seat off her because she was stuck.

I guess the positive is that she's like carrying a 20 lb weight everywhere I go. If I can't get my butt into the weight room, I'll just do some curls with her as my dumbbell.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Our Little Giant

So in addition to surviving her first day of daycare like a true Sherman champ, Layla made it through her second round of shots at the dr's office yesterday. I was so worried she was going to melt down after a full day w/new people and new surroundings only to wind up in the dr's office being poked and prodded. She did great!!! Cried just a bit for the shots, and by the last shot (she had 3), she let out a little giggle at the end. As if to say, "I'm only crying for attention and you suckers are totally buying it. That didn't even hurt. Have you seen my thighs? Nothing's phasing these thunder champs."

Layla got a clean bill of health from her doctor as well. We're happy (and a bit embarrassed yet proud) to report that Layla is now OVER the 100th percentile mark for height and weight. She weighs 18lbs and is 26 inches long. Our Little Giant. Somehow, her head is measuring "right where it should be". Thankfully, it looks as though it fits her giant body... it's no small dome that's for sure. She gets that from her mama.

10:39 a.m. and I've called daycare once already. Oh, and I ended up calling twice yesterday. Not too bad, right??

Monday, January 7, 2008

First Day at Daycare

Today's the day. Layla's first day at daycare. I've been dreading this like I dreaded Jake's deployment (I know, insane for me to even try to compare the two events, but this is a hard thing to get through!). I was quite the crabby mama this weekend knowing that come Monday I'd have to take our little peanut to a new place to be taken care of. Thankfully, my time was spent priming our bathroom ... two coats of primer and it's ready for paint. Thanks to mom for your help with cutting!

The painting kept me from having a mental breakdown about bean going to daycare. But I wasn't able to get through the weekend w/out snapping for no good reason. I snapped on Jake last night... something about groceries I think. Made no sense what-so-ever. Sorry babe.

This a.m. went as smoothly as I had hoped... Jake and I worked well this a.m. getting everything together. You should have seen it! It was like we coreographed the a.m. or something. Bottles ready, diaper bag ready, Bean dressed, Hudson fed, house clean, lights off, doors closed, Hudson has his treats, lock the doors and we're off! Jake came with me to do the drop off. I managed to get in and out w/out crying! Can you believe it!? Thankfully, Layla's daycare has a ceiling fan in her room. She loves it and was very intrigued. I stayed for about 10-15 min w/her and then handed her off. Ran out to my car and drove away. That's when I cried. But I managed to shake it off so that I could focus on the drive.

How many times do you think I'll call daycare today to check in? Place your bets now!


Friday, January 4, 2008

Playing with sound and Pictures

Playing with Pictures

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Thursday, January 3, 2008

More Presents... and Happy New Year!!

Well... we made it. Through our first holiday season as a full blown family. This past weekend we went up to Crivitz to visit Grandpa and Grandma Sherman and Auntie Megan and Uncle Jeremy. Oh, and Uncle Sam too (dog, not the government).

Layla was showered w/ more gifts... as you'll see from the pictures, we pretty much needed a semi to get all of her things home. Santa came to Crivitz (Grandpa and Grandma Sherman and Jeremy and Megan) and brought her this awesome pink chair. She loves it. Hangs out in it just like Ice Man hangs out in his recliner. She got lots and lots of toys from Auntie Megan and Uncle Jeremy. I think so far her favorite is her little lullaby glow bug. She also got her very first Mother Goose Rhymes book from Grandma and she LOVES it. She says a BIG thank you to the Crivitz Santa. ;)

As you'll see from the pics, our time up North was very enjoyable. Layla even watched a little football on the floor w/dad. And, the picture of her and Hudson is on New Year's Day... they both had a hangover as they had stuck out the night before to go to Kau's party. I guess it got just a little bit crazy.

Layla has also learned from the Ice Man to nap like a champ... as you'll see from the two of them in the picture napping together. Thankfully, the chair had arms and Ice is a pretty stable nappers. So, no one was dropped and no one fell down.

Jake's first day back at work is tomorrow. :( I think he's pretty sad. Layla's going to miss hanging out w/him everyday and I think Jake's gonna miss having that little stinker around all the time. It sure is hard to have to be a responsible working parent. Layla starts daycare at the Sycamore Tree on Monday. We went in today to let her meet her teachers and play w/some new friends. She did very very well. Jake and I took a tour of the place (again) while Layla got aquainted w/everyone. She didn't cry once. What a relief.

Happy 2008 to everyone!!!