Friday, February 29, 2008

TGIF - I know, how original...

For the love of God, Thank God it's Friday!!!!! I truly thought this week would NEVER end. And it wasn't one of those weeks that "dragged", per say, but rather one that seemed to never end while at the same time FLYING by. My days at work this week have been filled with random meetings (either new project launch meetings or new vendors coming in battling for our business, kissing our butts from here to high Heaven... it's a tad sickening actually), errands, Bean duty, spin class, basketball, lifting, cleaning, bills, blah blah blah.

Hudson has been trying incessantly all week to convince us that he is NOT injured and does NOT belong on the "IR" list. He IS in fact injured, although we haven't quite figured out what happened, or what part of him is injured - his hip or his leg. He's having a pretty hard time getting up from a laying down position and every once in a while will whimper when trying to maneuver around some random object. So, we're making a trip to our new vet in Hales Corners tomorrow to see what is up. New vet is the vet that Hudson's breeder referred us to last summer, when we couldn't figure out why he kept coming so close to passing out after only playing for a short time (he has issues w/even the slightest bit of warmth or heat and we have to watch him like a hawk come spring and summer and chase his ass around w/ a hose and let him play in a kiddie pool. High maintenance, much?). This guy has bred / bread (what the? How do you spell that?) GSPs for 30 years or something like that, wait, maybe it's 13. Whatever, the number 3 is in his stat and I just know it's a good long time. So, he will be Hudson's official vet going forward. Wish us luck. We don't have a good feeling about this one. We thought Layla was high maintenance... Hudson's trying to show us who's boss and give her a run for her money... or our money. Cripes. His food alone costs $40 a bag, and I know this vet bill isn't going to be small.

Layla's doing well (knock on wood... have to say that w/her in daycare and doing all she can to dodge the never ending germs that loom over her Charlie Brown dome). Sitting up all by herself like a champ. Talking constantly and smiley as ever. Sorry... forgot the camera again today. I'll post some pics tomorrow. I am guessing she's at about 22lbs at this point. We'll know on 3/12 for sure. That's her next doctor appt.

Okee dokee smokies. Check out the links to some of our friends' blogs that we've added (top right portion of the page). And, feel free to post to Kelly, Matt n' Teagan's blog asking them to get on it and post more pics of Teagan. Frickin' slackers.

Ugh. Is it 5:00 yet? And where's my Sekbeka?

Monday, February 25, 2008

Papa's Tattoo

For Jake's bday, I surprised him by taking him in to have his tattoo updated with Layla's name. He has my name (which he got when we were on vacation in GA last year celebrating Jake's return from his deployment) and now Layla's name looped into his wrist tatt, and has designated a spot for the 2nd Sherman baby (who will not be making an appearance in this world for a few years, so don't get all excited about it). Turned out well and he's very excited!!

To Rachel and Kevin: Thank you so much for taking care of Layla while we went out for Jake's bday dinner on Sat. I know, we're a crazy couple... leaving for a whole 2 hours or so! We're just so beat that even getting out for a short time is exhausting.. but well needed. We really appreciate it and Layla said she had a blast w/you!

Beth n' Adam: Thank you again for understanding about this weekend and the cancelled plans. Jake and I spent Saturday running lots of overdue errands (oil change, groceries, baby stuff, car seats installed, blah blah blah) cleaning the house, putting up window treatments, cooking a week's worth of meals (because we're too busy to do it during the week), etc. I don't think that I sat down once this weekend, except for the two hours Jake and I spent at the restaurant for his bday. I ABSOLUTELY am looking forward to making the trip to see you guys... hopefully sooner than later. Although we've been at this parent thing for almost 6 months now, we seem to encounter a new challenge or experience almost weekly. So, needless to say, we're still getting into the swing of things with keeping a balanced family, work, and home life. We'll get there, I promise.

Happy Monday everyone! :)

Friday, February 22, 2008

Look at Me!! Sitting up all by myself!!!

Last night Layla wanted me to stop helping her sit up and showed me how she could sit up all by herself like a big girl! She loves it and always shoots forward grabbing for her toes... her favorite things right now.

What a strong little tank!!!

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Stop the Insanity!!!!!

Well... here's how my morning went:

... I went to drop Layla off at daycare and as I pulled in, the fire alarm was going off and kids, babies, teachers were flying out of every entrance / exit associated with that building. It was the scariest thing I've ever seen. All the little babies were thrown into one crib, on wheels, none of them had jackets, blankets, etc. --But in our daycare's defense, they were just trying to get everyone out as fast as possible, as this clearly wasn't a practice run. They were screaming at the top of their lungs, shivering, scared. I jumped out of my car and grabbed every blanket, jacket whatever I could find and started covering the babies and had 3 babies in my arms at once trying to keep them warm. I felt so terrible for the teachers... they were so scared and didn't know what to do. Thankfully, the daycare is associated with the Church next door, so all the kids and babies could go up there.

Needless to say... w/all the chaos, I didn't want to leave Layla there and give them one more thing to worry about. So, I'm home and will be waiting for a call from daycare to tell me if / when I can bring Layla back. I know it wasn't a false alarm, because they tell us in advance of fire drills (and wouldn't have one in -3 degree weather) and Layla's teacher told me she smelled something right before the alarm went off.


and to top it off, i had my 2nd spin class last night so my legs are about as stable as toothpicks holding up a house... i'm as wobbly as they come right now and when something like the above happens to you and you're all rattled by it, you don't realize the moves you're making until it's all over. OUCH.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Happy Birthday Papa!!!

Happy Birday to Papa!!! Layla bean and papa getting ready for school today ... Bean wanted a birthday picture with daddy, and reminded me to take it in front of our new clock so Auntie Tee could take a look and so Teagan and her mama and papa could let us know if it passes their interior design test! Matt -- please note the paint swatches that are propped up on the clock. Can you pick yours? :)

Be sure to send Jake some Happy Bday wishes today!


Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Our Bean! 5 months, 2 weeks, n' some days...

Whew... can you believe it?? It's been 5 months, two weeks, n' some days since our little Layla Bean arrived into this crazy world we live in. I cannot believe how big she is already. I'm so happy to have this blog and be able to look back at all our posts and see how much she's grown. I can hardly remember Layla being as little as she was in the pictures from her first day home from the hospital. She's so big now that I can hardly lift her out of her car seat (which she's totally over the weight limit for)!

Yesterday, Layla had her "surgery" to correct her Ankylogosia (toungue tied). Pretty simple... they just basically "clipped" it and that was it. A tad scary though, as they had to put her under for the "clip". It was for a very short time, but still scary. She's doing great today and has lots to say. Yelling non stop it seems like.

A few pics... Layla in her Nike outfit that she received from Auntie Rachel on Valentine's Day... Thank you Rachel!!! Another of Layla after bathtime in her froggie towel from Auntie Meg! One of her big 'ol fat foot... the girl has canoes I tell ya, one of her playing in her high chair with her "Hudson" look alike toy and one of her on papa's lap, giving that evil eye I think she inhereted from her mama.


Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!!

...And Happy Anniversary Grandpa and Grandma Sherman! :)

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Work It

Hehehe... there's a pic here of Bean w/ her "workout" headband on. A gift to Layla from one of Nonnie's coworkers, Sandra. Thank you Sandra! These actually fit her big Charlie Brown head!! :) She did a quick yoga routine while wearing her new head band this a.m. and then plopped down on the couch for a photo. I took about 39 shots before getting this half a** smile. But it's something, right??

The rest of the pics... Hudson chillin, Layla giving a half smile while kickin' it in her "vice" (aka: car seat), Bean sleepin in her high chair and Bean sportin' the cubbies onesie Uncle Z gave her (we hate the cubs and refuse to let her wear that gear in public, but had to get a few shots of her in it since Z was nice enough to buy it for us)!

Layla seems to be making a recovery from her latest ear infection. Still has a snotty nose and mama feels a sinus infection coming on. Such is life, I guess.

This weekend Nonnie's coming to stay w/ Layla Bean while we head for an overnight stay at the Wilderness in the Dells! Our first full night away from Layla! I'm excited, but I'll sure miss the little princess!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Tuesday, February 5, 2008






Monday, February 4, 2008

I found my toes!!!

Well, Bean recently (actually a few weeks ago, but I've finally managed to capture it on camera) found her toes. She is amazed by them! Loves to grab them, wiggle them, try to put them in her mouth, etc. She's a bit too fat to get them to reach her mouth... but I suppose worse things have happened.

We sailed through a good weekend w/Bean, and knock on wood, she's back to sleeping through the night again. Whew. We'll see how long this stint lasts.

"Nonnie" came to visit this weekend. Layla snuggled up for a picture w/her in her nursery. You'll see, I've yet to figure out a way to get Layla to SMILE on camera for the love of God. You'd think someone tells her that she won't get to eat for the rest of her life every time the camera is brought out.


Friday, February 1, 2008

Happy, Healthy Friday!!

Yesssss.... we made it thru the week without any calls from daycare saying Layla was hit with another "daycare devil" sickness (knock on wood... as it's still only the a.m. on Friday)!!! Layla has made a great recovery and seems to be so very happy that she doesn't have a nose full of snot or lungs full of goo anymore. She's not back to sleeping thru the night again, but, I think that's because she's hit another growth spurt. She's up just once a night to POUND 6-8oz of formula, and then back to sleep within minutes. So, it could be worse, that's for sure.

Just a quick pic of Layla all bundled up for a trip to daycare in the cold WI weather. I wonder when we'll hit the day that she actually SMILES when I bring out the camera. I swear, this kid is one of the happiest babies I've ever seen, but by simply looking at her photos, you'd think she was mad at the world. She smiles so big all the time, and as soon as I whip out the camera to snap a shot, that smile is wiped off her face and she gives me a look like, "Seriuosly? Just put the damn thing away already."

Have a Happy, Healthy Friday!!!