Monday, July 12, 2010

Layla's First Camping Trip

This weekend we took Layla girl on her very first camping trip. Real camping too (none of that pansie ass trailer / pop-up camper camping)! ;) We traveled far, all the way to Pike Lake State Park on Hwy 60. This was our attempt at ensuring we had an emergency escape route in case things got hairy with the kids (Mason, who's just over 18 months old) and the Schultz's came along for the experience. Thank God for that strategy, because Saturday afternoon it rained cats and dogs. We decided to pack up only the necessities after the rain hit and head back to the Sherman pad for dinner and clean up, with the intent to go back to the site after the rain. After realizing the rain wasn't going to have mercy on us, we surrendered and took a knee on camping. But, we made it a fun night w/the kids and grown ups at "Camp Sherman". :)

Friday night and Saturday were suuuuper fun... Bless Jason and Jake... they hit the campsite early on Friday afternoon and got everything set up for us so that when the wives and kids arrived we were all set to camp and have fun! Friday night we cooked up some grub, chased the kids around the fire to avoid any charred toddlers, threw the ball for the addict, Hudson, while Marley observed Hudson and relaxed with the humans. The kids had a blast with the glow sticks we brought for them (see video) and loved sitting by the fire with the grown ups. Both kids did fantastic (except for one random outburst from Layla during the night) sleeping in the tents and on Saturday both families (separately, due to conflicting nap times) hit the beach for some fun in the sun. While we were there, Layla lucked out and got to climb into a fire truck and ambulance (there was a family reunion going on and the Hartford Fire Dept came as an event for the day).

Once the beach trip was over, we headed back to the site. The rain started shortly after we got back from the beach, and it was coming down like it hadn't rained in years. When the rain started to creep into our tents, we made the executive decision to bail.

All in all, the trip was a success and I'm looking forward to many more camping trips with our little trooper in the future!
More pictures to come... Blogger is being a jack ass right now (as it always is... does anyone hate Blogger?).

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Meyer's Visit and 4th of July

Alright... So I've continued on with my legacy of being a bad mommy blogger. I've got nothing to say about that except that we've been busy and I just can't stomach being on the computer any longer than I have to since I'm glued to it during the week at work. Boo.

I'll start w/the Meyer visit. Theresa ("Auntie Tee"), Brian ("BMeyer"), Logan ("Logie") and Cody ("Stinky Mouse") came to visit two weekends ago. Theresa was a peach and spoiled me with about 87 bottles of choice wine and a facial at Azana spa! Thanks girlie... I let Theresa take all the snaps for the weekend, and because she's some sort of super blogger mommy, she had the snaps and summary of our weekend posted w/in days of their visit. What better way to share our weekend w/ The Sherman Life blog followers than to plagerize her entry?? But before doing so, here's my contribution: The weekend with the Meyer's was great. Here's a visual to sum it up:

And, for more details on the fun, take a look at Theresa's bad mama jama entry.

The 4th of July this year was Layla's first experiencing full on fireworks... and man did she love them!!! Her favorite part was sitting on Jenny's lap, yelling out the colors of each of the fireworks as they blasted off. Did she sit by her mommy and daddy you ask? Nope. She misses Jenny and Pup dearly, so sat on Jenny's lap, right next to Pup. Too funny.

This year was also the first time Layla actually joined the rest of the kids (Roemer kids) at chasing candy that was thrown out at the parade. Honestly, watching her stand at the curb and hesitate when mommy yelled, "Layla run! Go into the road and get some candy!" was endearing and hilarious... All this time we've been telling her to "Never, ever, ever go in the road without holding a grow-up's hand," and now her very own mommy is basically pushing her into the road right in front of a monster fire truck. In the end, she made out with a lot of candy and had a blast doing it. I think the 4th of July might be her new favorite holiday.

My pocket full of sunshine... with her new "magic" glasses that turn to sun glasses when she goes outside.

The fam at the fireworks... before Layla decided to trade families.

The Roemer babies... Clay and Ally. So festive!

Future lovers. See how Layla is trying to be promiscuous??? Oye.