Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Calling all renters / buyers!

I know, I'm overdue on posts here... I've got a lot of awesome pictures from the last month or so (vacation in Tybee Island, wedding in Chicago, Easter with Layla and grandparents, and tons of other random Layla shots) but for now, I have to take a few minutes to beg and plead w/ you all to PLEASE spread the word about our house that's for sale. Of course, we'd prefer to sell the house and move on to the next stage of our lives (which we've been ready for, for some time now, but the market has other plans for us I guess) but we realize the market is not in our favor. So, we're considering renting our place to a VERY trustworthy person / couple / family.

We're not advertising this on FB, Craigslist, or anywhere else, because the aspect of renting can be very scary. The last thing we want is to open our home to someone who wouldn't care for it and love it the way we have. Or, to have renters split on us and leave us up a crick in terms of the rent payment / mortgage payment.

We're undecided on how much we'd be asking for monthly rent, but I'll post that as soon as we've decided and / or I've heard as to whether there are any potention renters out there. In the mean time, please share this information with anyone you know who might be potential buyers / renters. Jake and I have had a very tough year (for more reasons than one), and it exhausts us to think that next year we might have to endure another year of Jake's crazy schedule due to his commute. We're ready to move on, to be together as a family and, eventually, to expand the family. Something we'd prefer to do w/ a little more space and a little more time (currently, because of Jake's commute, he's up before Layla and sometimes not home until after she's in bed, so obviously, we're challenged as far as family time and dynamics go).

For potential buyers: We're including ALL window treatments and ALL appliances, including washer dryer, fridge, and chest freezer.