Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Get Down Girl, Gohead, Get Down

I noticed Layla head bobbin to Kanye the other day at daycare drop off. Hilarious. Look close, and you'll see the frown that she adds to the head bop. Hilarious.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Little Miss Bossy

Geeze... my little baby doesn't even look like a baby here does she? This is her watching one of her shows. Who knows which one... Probably the Backyardigans or Pooh.

Bossy pants barking orders into her echoing microphone from Auntie Meg and Uncle Jeremy. As if the orders she barks aren't loud enough, this mic makes them sound like she's yelling thru a megaphone.

Daddy and Paul ("Pup", as Layla calls him), following Layla and listening intently to her orders on where the next poop pile is.

Bean, pointing out precisely where the poop is that needs cleaning up. Oye.

Alright, so let's play catch up on the haps at the Sherman house over the last few weeks... This pretty much sums it up: Work for mom is insane in the membrane, work for dad is insaner in the membrane. Too much corporate speak and politics about the latest and greatest to go into detail so I'll spare you the crap and move on to the good stuff.

Layla is growing like a week and continuing to make us laugh. She is soooo funny. This morning we were getting ready for a family walk and apparently daddy was taking too long so she stomped out of the room and said, "Jeepers Cripes!!" Too funny. And thank God the "JC" she used this time was the "pc" version.

Layla's also turning out to be quite the boss. I think it's because they have "helper" days at school, where each kid takes a turn doing the days of the week on the calendar, the weather for the day (too funny, I know) and then they help line everyone up at the door. So, Layla comes home a lot waving her hands in the air like an orchestra director, yelling, "Everybody! Everybody! Listen up! Pay attention! Line up!" Obviously, the photos above of Layla barking orders at daddy on where the next pile of poop lies gives a good visual of her confidence when barking orders.

This weekend we'll be shipping out for our annual Easter trip to the Dells with the Meyers. I'm looking SOOOO forward to some chill time (well, as chill as you can get with a 2 year old, 2.5 year old and 6 month old) and some girl time with my Tee!!!

More to come...

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Let's Get Physical!

These pictures make the song, "Let's Get Physical" jump into my head. Layla's new thing with her hair is wearing a headband. I wear headbands a lot around the house either after I work out or just because. So, Layla told me the other morning before school that instead of a "pretty bow" (pony tail), she wanted to wear a headband. I could only find this thing and when I tried to also put a pony tail in to help make her look a little more sporty she freaked. Apparently, she's golden with looking like Donald Trump wearing a headband.

Bean still has to wear her patch 2 hours a day until further notice. I think she wears it well.

No, I did not mess up her hair after I put the headband on. It just does that after a night of sleeping.

Now that's what I call a mop.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Bath Time!

Here are a few snaps of Layla at bath time the other night. Some nights, she hates bath time and throws a horrible fit about having to take one. But, other nights, she's happy as pie to take a bath. Usually that involves some type of bribery like telling her she can take her necklaces into the tub with her (mardi gras beads).

She has a very meticulous routine that we have to go through with her after each bath too. The pics below are in reverse order, but you'll get the gist... Auntie Megan gave Layla a froggie towel a loooong time ago, when she was a baby. Layla LOVES the towel and uses it after every bath. But she doesn't just use it. She pretends she's a full on frog. And, she insists that whoever has just finished giving her a bath walks her around to every single mirror in the house so she can look at her reflection and then Jake or I have to say, "Oooohhhh... look at this froggie!"


Bean Frog, checking herself out in the mirror.

Trying very hard to be serious with her "mad" face... But I can see a hit of a smile there.

Again, trying to be serious as daddy washes her hair.

Awe. Little blondie suds.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

New camera!

Oh yes. We got a new camera. No, I mean a new new camera. A couple of weeks ago (shortly before the field trip), we got a Nicon Coolpix. Well, of course when it wouldn't work for me after only owning it for a few days I thought it had to be something I was doing wrong. Nope. Turns out the thing took a giant dookie so we returned it for a Cannon Powershot. Nothing fancy (we'll save the fancy stuff for when we're rich), but man do I love it! Takes pics really fast and even when Bean is spinning in circles or running from me, I can get a clear picture of her that isn't blurred!!!

Here are just a few snaps of me testing the camera.

Daddy and Bean acting like ding bats. Jake's face in this cracks me up.

Oh so precious. Little Layla laughing at herself.

Mardi Gras!

Ah, that's better!!!
Nothing new in the Sherman house right now. Mommy is kickin' butt and takin names with her "Insanity" workout, and is ready for March to be over so that she can check her huge work project off her list and go on the big Meyer/Sherman Dells trip! Daddy's busy w/ post grad work and school w/the crazy kids.
Stay tuned for more fancy pics!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Nonnie n' Bean

On Jake's bday (2/20), my mom ("Nonnie") came to babysit for Layla while Jake and I went out to dinner. Layla loves making cookies so Nonnie brought stuff to have a baking session and away they went. Mom even brought Layla her very own cooking spatula (see below). Fun times!!

Yeah, I know, my cookie sheet is sick. It's not dirty, the stains are just burned on like that. I guess it's time to grow up and pay good money for cooking supplies, huh?

So proud... Showing off her display of evenly spaced cookies.

Smushin' the cookies. Layla is taking this lesson seriously. Note the giant knife next to my mom... Uh, yeah, you might wanna get that off the island before danger queen gets a hold of it.

Ahhhh!!! I'm having so much fun with my Nonnie!!!!!!

Nonnie n' Bean. Happy happy happy.

Friday, March 5, 2010

First Field Trip

Well, unfortunately, mommy was having a technologically challenging day on the day of Layla's first field trip last week, so no pictures were taken (Tee, this is where I open the doors to you and Jake to start ripping on me for being the opposite of you two, so tech savvy). We just got a new camera, thank God, courtesy of my mommy, but at the time of the field trip, I had no clue how to use the thing.

In any event, the field trip was a huge success!! Layla's face was precious as we lined up to load the bus. She stared at it the way you or I might stare a real, live dinosaur in the face. She was absolutely amazed by it. And, she was the only kid to stop and say hi to the bus driver. So adorable. She was so proud of herself as we rode on the bus, and loved that she could see so much out of the window (especially the fact that we could see INTO other people's cars because they were below us).

We arrived at Family Fun Land in Germantown and commenced playing immediately. Layla's favorite was what she calls, "The monkey house" (a bouncy house for little ones with blow up animals in it, including a monkey). She did great and only bonked her head about two or three times. She really poured on the drama for those two minor bonks too, I think because I was there. She also played in the big bouncy house with some of the big kids, and climbed up in the jungle gym several times. This was kind of scary for me, as I've always been scared shitless that Bean would get trapped in one of those things. But, at Family Fun Land, it's big enough to support adults so I was able to climb in with her and go through the entire thing (including down a big, giant, twisty slide that I thought for sure we'd smash into another kid on). Exhausting!

By the time we loaded the bus (an hour and a half later), the kids were all totally wiped out. The bus ride home was virtually silent. So funny!

Next field trip: Hike at Pike Lake! Can't wait!!! And, for that one, I'll actually take pictures!!