Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Camera snaps 2011

I'm constantly snapping pics of Layla w/ my camera phone, and am not constantly sharing the pictures. I've got to get better at sharing the moments that we're so lucky to have with her. Here are just a few, to get you started.

Divalicious - showing off one of her favorite summer dresses.

So innocent when she sleeps.

Floor picnic!

She LOVES Pick n' Save's, because they have "kid carts". This is her shopping for food for Gabe and Della's house.

Layla and Della havin' some grub.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Our Summer House

Over Memorial Day weekend, we made our first trip of many to our summer home, "The Roemer Ranch." We also have a summer home in Northwestern Wisconsin that we don't get to frequent as often, but love just as much, "The Meyer Ranch" (see you in July, Meyer Ranch).

It was a great time, and we were able to share it with some of our closest friends - Bob, Jan and Coach, and, coincidentally, the Roemer's (yes, I swear, the last name is just a coincidence... they have nothing to do with our summer home). ;) Before our bonfire, the grown ups got to go out to dinner to celebrate Paul and Jenny's 10 year anniversary. Jenny's parents watched ALL of the kids (Layla too). Thank you Frank and Wendy!!

The kids had a blast at the bonfire. As usual, Layla and Ryan found an opportunity to "cozy up". Unfortunatly, when the camera came out, they got "shy".

Thanks for the awesome time, Roemers! You're welcome at our summer home anytime (either of them)!! :)
Oh really?? All of a sudden you're both shy?!
Look at Ryan... "Dude, I've got not one, but TWO, gigantic sticks!"
Summer fun!!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Tybee Island 2011

Okee dokee friends and fam... some VERY long overdue pictures from our trip to Tybee Island, GA back in April. Blogspot is being a jerk this a.m., so instead of posting captions under each photo, I'll provide a quick summary:

-Pool at the condo.
-Beach photos with shots of the studly boys having a blast in the water!
-Celebration dinner at Sundae Cafe (celebrating Meyer Anniversary, Roemer --Anniversary and The Sherman's surviving a very tought end to 2010 / start to 2011)!!
-The Pier!!
-Authentic southern ribs at a Tybee Island rib shack.
-The light house (LOTS of stairs people, lots of stairs) - gorgous view of the island.
-Drinks at the Rock House (one of our favorite places) before tattoo time.
-Dinner at AJ's Dockside (where there was some fabulous live music).
-Darts (boys against girls, sorry for the vulgar team names) at Doc's!
-Pic of "Chap" and I at the Rock house (Chap was my tattoo artist. He was kind enough to ask if he could flip the bird in the picture, cuz that's his "thing"... I wasn't about to say, "Please don't")!
-Cards at the condo on our last night... We just didn't want to stop the fun!!

The Meyer's have some shots that I don't, so take a look here to see more.

Thank you soooo much Uncle Bill and Aunt Merile for sharing your Tybee home with us! The trip was wonderful and we miss Tybee every day!!