Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Prima Ballerina

Layla's first curtsey! Awe!!!
I love being a dancer!!!
Chhheeeeeeeeze (and, Hudson says Cheese too... the big dummy wouldn't get out of the darn pic)!
She HAD to sit in her car to pose for a picture. Hilarious.

Yesterday was Layla girl's very first day of dance class. She's taking ballet, tap, jazz and poms at the Dream Center in Hartford. It was adorable and heart warming all at the same time (and, a little sad, as my little baby is not a little baby anymore, but instead a beautiful ballerina full of curiosity and wonder ready for her first dance).

The dance studio is set up so that parents can stay and watch, but the kids aren't distracted because we're behind a one-sided mirror. Instead of pressing their mugs up against a window, yelling, "Mommy! Mommy! Come in here! See me dance," they instead admire themselves in the mirror while their mommys (and yes, some daddys) admire them from the other side. It's priceless.

I wasn't able to take pictures at the actual dance class for two reasons; 1) I'm not sure they would've turned out through the one-sided mirror / window thingie and 2) I forgot my camera. Yep. I did... Give me a break, it was a suuuuuper long day at work and I think I was just so JAZZED about dance starting that it was all I could do not to forget my own shoes. I did, however, take pictures in the back yard after class. LOVE how proud she looks!!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Happy Birthday to the Most Distinguished Dog in the World

Dear Hudson,

Today, you are five years old. In human years, that's 35. So, you have surpassed the age of your owners and are now the "senior" in the house. What an accomplishment, and what a shock... These past five years have flown by like nobody's business. When we brought you home, you were a tiny, fat little pup, who's ears dangled on the floor when you ran. You were a champ from the start and loyal from day one.

Hudson, you were my baby boy and my little one who "needed me" just after your daddy left on deployment. Although you were a complete and TOTAL spaz for the first year (okay, three years), you made me laugh, kept me on my toes, and brought many smiles to my face when you'd nuzzle me and fall asleep on my shoulder (all 65 lbs of you, eventually).

We're looking forward to making more wonderful and hilarious memories with you. One that we'll add to the memory books that just happened yesterday; After five years, you finally grew up the courage to jump out of the back of your dad's truck. Thankfully, Jake was only traveling about 3mph, but in any event, I'd really like to know the thoughts that were running through your head at that moment because man, it was a far drop. Jake said that all of a sudden, he looked to his left and BAM, there you were. Looking at him like, "Holy Shit. I did it. And it wasn't nearly as glorious as I thought it was going to be. It was scary as hell and I just saw my life flash before my eyes. Tennis balls and all."

Happy Fifth Birthday, Huddy Duds. Dudley Joes. Duddies. Roy. Roysiph. Slap Nuts. Porch Hound. Randolf. Shovely Joe. H Dazz. Hud Dazz if you will. Thunder Foot.

And, of course, The Most Distinguished Dog in the Word.