Monday, June 15, 2009

From two eyes to four

Well, we did it. Made the transition this weekend from a two eyed toddler to a four eyed toddler. ;) Layla got her new glasses on Sat and is doing fantastic! She can definitely see more of what's going on around her and man is she ever FAST now! It's like she was super cautious before because she couldn't see much and now she's off like a lightning bolt! I'm wiped out!!

We got two pairs (is "pairs" supposed to be plural, or is it "two pair"??) of glasses for her - one "every day / daycare" pair and one "oooh, you look fancy" pair. She actually likes them both a lot, so that's a relief. We're trying to get her transitioned and used to wearing glasses with her everyday pair to prevent her from breaking the fancier ones but so far, she's been doing great with both. It's just so amazing to see that she literally has a whole new world around her. She can see so much more, is more brave, talking more (if you can believe it) and has more energy already!

Hopefully we get a good report from her teachers at daycare today. Being the overly protective, worrisome mom that I am, I walked in today with a fancy "Helpful tips for getting Layla to wear her glasses" sheet (by fancy I mean that I went and bought decorative paper with fancy stars all over it). I also brought a full sheet of stickers so that her teachers can reward her each time she wears them (and of course, enough to share with the class).

For anyone who ever has to go through this, I highly recommend getting your little one a doll or toy that wears glasses. Very hard to find for some reason, but I ended up falling upon a "Little Einsteins" character, Leo, at Walmart. He wears glasses and talks and sings so Layla really likes that and has been carrying him everywhere. I also brought a bunch of little party favors to have on hand as prizes for her when she does well with her glasses - bubbles, stickers, rings, etc.

Whew! Getting glasses is exhausting!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

June - 21 Months old and lookin forward to summer!

June already. Layla is now 21 months old. How did that happen?! She's our little laugh machine and finds ways to amaze us every day lately. Summer is fast approaching (I hope, God forbid we continue to suffer through this b.s. Wisconsin weather) which means it's time to cram in tons of family & friend events.

Our most recent events are captured below. A trip to "Shalom Wildlife Preserve" in West Bend, trip north to see G'pa Ice and G'ma D, some shots of Layla in her backpack going for a walk with daddy, Layla on her new slide on our deck and some random shots just hanging out with Layla in her favorite place - "Owshide" on our deck.

Oh, and our latest news - Our little stinky bean is getting glasses! Yes, at only 21 months old, she'll be trotting around with some pink glasses, possibly googly eyed since her prescription is quite strong. We figured it out after noticing that sometimes one of her eyes would cross or go inward when the other would be focusing on whatever was in front of her. We had her eyes checked last Friday and found that she is VERY farsighted. Long story, but the glasses will most likely fix the eye crossing and she'll likely need to where glasses forever since her vision is so "blurred". She gets that lovely trait from her mommy. Sorry baby. No matter what, you'll rock those glasses and will look lovely in them!!! I'll post pictures of her in her new specs as soon as we have them!!

Layla at G'pa and G'ma's in Crivitz - she's sitting on a kiddy potty. The one her daddy learned to go potty in!

Layla on a very OLD rocking horse. How old is this thing again, Ice?

Layla dinkin around at home with mommy's socks. Just socks.

Mommy and Layla at Shalom Wildlife Preserve.

Weeeee!!! New slide from Lisa and Ron!

Oh dear, you can see her eye crossing a little in this one. Soon baby, soon you'll have your glasses and you'll be able to see the world!

Dad, are we gonna go or what? Hurry up already!

Layla - thinking about how great life is.