Saturday, April 9, 2011

Layla's 1st haircut

Well, her 1st "real" haircut at least. My mom cut her hair when she was still a baby, because even then her hair was falling in her face.

She was super excited. So proud and not scared or worried in the least. I think she felt super grown up and it made me excited for the first "mommy / Layla spa day" that we will have some day.

Our next "1st": Layla's getting her ears pierced! She has to save 10 stickers from the "Bed-time Fairy" (for going to bed like a good girl and listening well) before we do it, and has 3 saved so far. She's VERY exctited, even after I told her it hurts. What?! She needs to know that!

Before the cut, while waiting in the lobby w/ the other clients.
She was so proud to be wearing this cape!
The final product -- Nope, can't really tell a big difference in this picture. But, the girl has her mommy's hair. When it air dries, it's part wavy, part curly, part straight. So although it's a little hard to decipher here, the point is, she now has bangs instead of long locks that fall over her gorgeous face and the back is even now - no more super long rat tail / tuft, whatever you call that hair that grows longer in the way back.
And of course, the "after my 1st haircut" treat! A green tootsie roll (eeewww). :)

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Layla's 1st dentist appointment

On March 21, Jake took Layla to her first dentist appointment. We hyped it up quite a bit in the days leading up to the event, so that she wouldn't be scared (like her mom... I'm scared to death of the dentist) and would be excited about it. Man, she was beyond excited. I wish I could've been there, but was happy to know that daddy got to share her big day with her. Jake said she did great, and only started to squirm a bit towards the end when things were dragging on. She got a bag of goodies after her cleaning too (Barbie cell phone, tooth brush and tooth paste, stickers, etc). Thankfully, her teeth are perfect - no cavities. Next visit is in late September, so mommy will be taking her to that appointment.