Thursday, September 30, 2010

Zoo Trip

Oh yeah, this zoo trip was over a month ago, but hey, I'm posting pics now so shut it (I say that with all the love and humor in the world).

This was Layla's last field trip for the summer, and man was it fun. They had enough chaperon es to let Layla and I be 1 on 1, so it was like we got our very own "Mommy and Layla day" at the zoo. We got to do our own thing, see whichever animals we wanted to, whenever we wanted, and we rode the carousel and choo choo train a couple of time too. We even stopped for a few snacks and on one occasion, Layla actually uttered the words, "How 'bout we take a quick rest?" Amazing, as I am quite certain I've never heard those words come out of her mouth.

The trip was a full day, so none of the kids had a nap. Let me tell you, by the afternoon, there were some dragging little ones. On the bus ride home, I had Layla sleeping on one side of me, and her tiny peanut friend Alanna (girl on the left in the picture below) sleeping on my other side.

All in all, this was by far one of my favorite mommy / Layla days I've had yet. It was so awesome to just hang out with Layla one on one and really interact with her and see what excites her. And watching her "lead the way" like a very confident little girl was the best. I can't wait for the next fun thing we get to do together... Here we come, pumpkin patch!!!

Chuggin' a lemonade on a warm late summer day!

Layla's favorite animal at the zoo is the zebra, so naturally, she picked the zebra for her carousel ride!


Layla on the choo choo train.

Here's my ticket! All aboooaaaard!

Layla and her friend Jade being goofy at lunch time.

From left to right: Alanna, Layla and Jade. BFF's!

RRRRaaaaaar!!! Yes! This lion actually got right up in our grills! It was awesome!

So adorable... mommy lion and daddy lion, snuggling.

Layla w/ cheese popcorn on her face, standing in front of the lion. Not sure what they were looking at.

I think Layla was pointing out zebras in this one (her favorite).

Taking a snack break next to the pond. We also threw a few snacks in for the ducks.

My little flower child.

More snacks! I think was right after she asked to take a quick rest. :)

Shark tank!

Here, you can see Layla's zoo checklist - an awesome checklist with pictures and facts about the animals that my coworker made for her to take on our trip!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Baby Girl Turns 3 (on Sept 6th)

Gamma D, admiring Layla's new jewelry and purse from Auntie Tee.
Layla putting on her camo hat from Auntie Tee to model for the group.

Tired Bday girl, showing off her fancy Bday cupcake. Notice the blank stare. We were so beyond nap time here.

Grandpa Rog and Layla girl. Grandpa gave Layla this Tinker Bell princess outfit.

Nonnie and Layla. Awe.

Layla admiring her cupcake.

Layla girl, blowing out candles!


I'm baaaaack! ;) Oh yes ladies and gents, it's true. I'm blogging and I'm not dead. No siree! I won't bore you with reasons and excuses for my serious lag in posts ("lag", really? Is that even a real word?). Instead, I'll just give a brief "overview" of the latest haps in the Sherman house...

Jake started his new job at Plymouth and is loving it. The staff sounds amazing, community is great and students aren't complete idiots. ;)

Jake's commute has been a real challenge for the entire family - he leaves the house before Layla or I are even out of bed, and often isn't home until after Layla is in bed. We're managing, as best we can, and when we are all together as a family, we make the most of it because we know how precious the time really is.

Since Layla has turned 3, she's become quite the little miss "I'm all grown up and I know what I want". She's testing mommy's patience, especially in the recent months since daddy isn't always around to put an instant stop to her less than desirable listening skills. Last night we had a rough night, after Layla decided that instead of brushing her teeth and going potty, she instead would rather throw herself on the floor and have a tantrum about wanting to stay up and watch more of the movie we were watching (Glee). The night ended w/ me picking her up like a sack of potatoes and putting her in bed with the choice to sit there and cry w/out snuggles, or jump in my lap for some snuggles and to discuss the night's happenings so that we could learn something from what had happened. To that she answered, "I want my daaaaaaddy!" When I told her that daddy would provide the same options, she chose to snuggle and talk. My little lovely.

Let's see, what else... Work for me is INSANITY. But I won't get into the nitty gritty cuz I know no one cares about marketing in the world of finance. You're welcome.

There's more to come, but for now I'll cut this update short... Thanks for remaining fans - if there are any of you still out there!!!
Oh, and p.s. - the mansion on Foxtail will be up for sale soon. This is my test to see who really follows us on the blog. :)