Friday, November 30, 2007

Super Lock Out Dog

Well, Mr. Mom, Huddie duds and Layla went on a little adventure this morning to the Hartford Kwik Trip... Dad needed to get gas and Layla Bean was fussy so she told dad to take her for a drive so she could relax and get some sleep. So, dad thought it'd be a good idea to head to the other end of town and give Layla what she wanted. They got their gas and paid ... Dad got bean all strapped in and cozy, closed the door and what do you think happened next? Hudson got over excited about dad coming back in the truck (imagine that) and started jumping around... then he hit the lock button and locked himself and bean in the truck and dad OUT. So, Jake just had to call the police, tell them he had a dog and baby locked in his truck and they came right over. Good 'ol Hartford police. Good thing the crime rate in our town is pretty low. They had nothing else to do so jetted right over. I think it took them 5 minutes to get there and about 30 seconds to get the truck open. What I'm not sure about is whether the cops rolled in at full speed with their sirens blaring and lights flashing...wouldn't that be a sight???

Hudson. Old Iron Guts. Super lock out dog. Never a dull moment in the Sherman family.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Trigger and the Hunt Team '07

Iron Guts

Hudson Feeling Sick and Getting Some Sympathy from Dad

T Meyer and Layla

Layla being Layla with a little Help From T Meyer in her AWESOME new Home

More Pics

Hudson Prior to His Little Incident Playing with his Buddy Rocky

Pictures For All to See

Hudson the Babysitter

Layla and Her Favorite Thing to Do

I'm In

Not to disappoint I am in and posting my 2 cents for the last week or so.

Starting with opening weekend of the gun deer season. Weather was less than desirable on Saturday with limited to no action...minus Peter (Trigger) Best downing a doe at the crack of 7 Sat. morning, and the classic marksmanship of Trigger again on Sunday afternoon knocking down a 4 pointer. Pictures to follow.

Back to Hartford for the start of the week and then off to Osceola to visit B and T Meyer for the Turkey Day festivities. We left Wednesday night in a white out and arrived in O Town around 11. Family members making the trip this year were April, Layla, Jake and Hudson.

Brian and I hunted most of the time with some deer sightings, but no shooting.

Theresa's family hosted a delicious Thanksgiving Feast so with a break in the hunting action we settled in to watch the Packer game and enjoy a great meal. Thank You Again.

Saturday morning we were set to depart O'Town when Hudson decided that it would be a good idea to down a helping of Rat Poison before we got on the road. What a nightmare. To everyone reading if this ever happens to you this is what you do. First you call Poison control then you feed your animal 3 tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide (this will require 2 men in our case B Meyer to hold Hudson's jaws apart and me to shoot the peroxide down his throat with a turkey baster) this will induce vomiting within about 10-15 minutes with light activity. Then a call to the vet for a prescription of vitamin K1 for the dog. Vitamin K1 is the antidote to rat poison in the animal world.

Back to Hartford with the family. Sunday I hung outdoor Christmas lights. Hudson normally my number one helper during such an event was not able to work to his full potential. Hudson was very sick on Sunday. Even though Hudson was not able to help as much as he would have liked we finished the lights just after dark. An aside to this is that we live in a neighborhood that models their holiday displays after the likes of a famous man we all know and love Clark W Griswald Jr. I have never seen anything like it. No exaggeration thousands and thousands of lights plus inflatable snow globes, inflatable reindeer, inflatable Santa's wooden cut outs, and music.

Monday Layla and I took Hudson to the vet. He got some medicines and is back to about 65% today. He is going to make a full recovery I am guessing by the end of the week.

For now that is all. Happy ThanksGiving and a Merry Christmas to all. Tis the Season!

Jake April Layla and Hudson a.k.a Old Iron Guts

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Start Harassing Dad

Okay... it's time for you all to start chiming in and giving dad a few nudges to get movin' w/our family blog. He's had his hands full, but is definitely into the swing of things now w/Layla Bean at home. He says he's having fun w/her and I know Layla loves daddy and the fun things they do. I unfortunately don't know how to post videos to our blog (and don't have the patients to learn) so need Jake to do that part. I've got a few videos saved that he could post...hopefully soon. But, we need your help. Shoot him an email, leave him a threatening message, whatever you have to do.. but start demanding more pics/videos, if you'd like to see them.

Tomorrow will be Layla's first LONG trip. We're driving 5+ hours to Osceola to see Auntie Theresa and Uncle Brian. Layla hasn't met them yet, so it should be fun. And we finally get to see the new Meyer house... what a treat.

Happy Turkey Day to everyone!!!!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

These pictures make me laugh... First off, check out bean in her cute little pink outfit w/new jeans. She got this outfit from Auntie Rachel. It's a 6-9 month outfit!!! Notice how her jeans are unbuttoned!! That's not because I forgot! It's because she's so FAT! She looks like she just ate a turkey dinner and passed out. The other pics are of her having fun watching hunting videos w/dad (seriously, she was into it). Then her giggling on dad's lap about who knows what.

Our fat little bean. Just over 10 weeks old now!!!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

My babies

Well, as a "back to work mama" I've just now realized that I haven't posted any pictures of Layla or the fam in a while. After searching for a picture or two to post, I see that I've taken far more videos than I have pictures. Mental note: take more pictures and have Jake show me how to upload videos so I can do it when he's not home. He and Layla bean are on their way home from Grandpa and Grandma Sherman's. I cannot wait to see them. Last night was my first night away from the bean. Boy did I cry when her and dad left! But I made it through my night with shining colors. I'm just happy they're on their way home now. And I'm happy that Grandma and Grandpa Sherman got to spend a full day with Layla! How fun.

Here are some pictures of my babies - Layla bean, who's getting SO big, Hudson, who as you will see in this picture with dad, truly thinks that he is still the NUMBER ONE baby in this house and of course, Jake... okay, so he's not such a baby, but he sure is cute.

Keep your eyes peeled for more pics and videos of little fatty. ;)

Monday, November 12, 2007

Workin' Mom, Stay at Home Dad

Well, today is my 1st day back at work, and, I'm starting a new job. It was HARD to leave Layla Bean this a.m... I cried right away when I woke up and went and cuddled her for a bit, then curled up on Jake's lap in the fetal position for a good cry. Then, Jake and Layla drove me to work and when I was saying good bye to her I started crying again. There's nothing worse than crying your eyes out when you know you have to stop and pull yourself together for a day. But I shook it off and am ready to face the world as a workin' mama. Jake is at home with Bean today as his first day as Mr. Mom. He's doing great and I couldn't be more proud of him.

We're in a slight transition with computers and such... but we'll try to get more pictures posted very soon!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Hudson babysits

Here's Hudson and his lil' sister. Chillin' like bro and sis. He was taking care of her while I sent some emails. Yep, and he babysits for free! And yes, I had the bottle propped... but only for like a minute. Okay??? ;)

Monday, November 5, 2007

Layla's First Shots :(

Today Layla had her 2 month doctor appointment. She got a clean bill of health from our doctor, which is great news. She now weighs 13.5 lbs and is 24 inches long. She's measuring in the 90th percentile for height and weight and 55th percentile for head measurements (which is surprising considering how huge her mom and dad's domes are). She also got three shots. Mom sure was nervous but I didn't cry. Layla screamed and cried until I had her dressed and in her car seat, which is where she feels most comfortable. Now, she's sleeping like an angel. So, we made it thru the first shots appointment with flying colors. Whew! Next time though, daddy has to take her. I don't always want to be the one to see my baby girl get poked with needles! Boo!!

P.S. NO, she's not ALWAYS in her car seat. It just seems that way because I have a lot of pics of her in it. That's just when I seem to remember to grab the camera.

P.S.S. I go back to work one week from today, at which point Jake puts on his Mr. Mom shoes. So, be sure you're all staying on him to keep up with the blog! That's part of the Mr. Mom duties, I just don't think he knows that yet (in fact, I think he's in for a huge surprise...hehehe). Really though, he's going to be GREAT. He's an AWESOME dad.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Layla Makes a Stinky

Growing Bean - 2 Months Old

Look at how big our baby girl is getting!!! Can you believe it? She's two months old now and growing like a tank. Still not sleeping thru the night, but she's definitely made some progress. We've got the happy little baby we'd been hoping for, for so long. She cries when she's tired, has wet/poopy diapers, or needs some grub. Otherwise, she's very very curious, likes to explore, chatter, smile and laugh. Her latest thing is laughing just as she's falling asleep. No idea what it is that she's laughing at, but it sure is cute.

Latest pics are mainly of bean just hangin' out. There's one here of her and Uncle Gobbz. Awe, aren't they cute? Uncle Gobbz impressed me. He held bean and rocked her to sleep, and he even knew what "object permanence" was. Strange.