Saturday, May 31, 2008

Summer Time...

And the livin' is easy. ;) Last night was spent out on our deck w/the entire neighborhood, drinking wine after a long hard week. We were surrounded by about 23 kids who we managed to entertain by shoving scooby doo push ups in their face and giving all the dogs pig ears here and there. Before I knew it, it was almost 11:00, the wine was gone and damn near everyone on the deck was drunk. Whoops. Good thing I was home alone with Layla last night. Thankfully, she slept thru the night... However, she woke up for the day at 4:30. OUCH. Mama had one BEAR of a headache, that's for sure. Thankfully my sister sent a helpful hint my way to cure a wine headache: Benedryl. And 4 advil. Hells yeah. That's where it's at.

Today, Layla and I did a whole lot of nothin' (due to hangover). We hung out on the deck with neighbor Lori, who planted our flower box for us (as she does every year, bless her heart) and watched neighbors Paul and Ryan mow the lawn (see pics). Ryan loves to help his dad mow! Oh, and Rocky's been hanging out at our place ever since Jake and Hudson left last night. He's been napping on the deck and in the house and is just distraught because he can't find Hudson. Don't worry Rock, he'll be home tonight.

Dad's on his way home from the grid iron, thank God. I am pooped and Layla took ONE VERY SHORT nap this entire day. I just got her down but I don't think a stick of dynamite would wake me up tonight so dad's "on call" if Bean wakes up.

Friday, May 30, 2008

From Princess to Diva

Sorry... forgot to bring the camera to work today. I'd hoped to spend some time this a.m. uploading videos but I guess I'll have to do that tomorrow. My bad! ;)

Well, we made it. It's Friday. Layla is on the "up and up" and mom and dad are still alive (barely). This month in general has been a rough one. What am I talking about?? This YEAR has been a rough one. We're pooped. Jake and I aren't what I'd call "low key" or "relaxed" people. We're always on the go, always adding something to the to-do list, always triple tasking. Add a princess baby to the mix along w/a dog who thinks he's a human on cocaine and you've got one hell of a household.

You know how people always follow up their gripes about life with, "Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't change things for the world,"? I'm not going to say that. I would. I'd make the days longer so that I could get more sleep. I'd make it a requirement / law that no one has to work more than 20 hours a week while still being paid for full time work and receiving benis. I'd have a personal shopper, nanny, nutritionist and trainer. I'd have a bigger house with vaulted ceilings and a huge ass yard. Oh, and money coming out of my ass.

What I wouldn't change though is the fact that we have a beautiful baby girl, who on her good days is perfectly healthy and on her bad days has a simple cold or flu virus (okay, so we could do w/fewer viruses but such is life). Jake and I have our struggles with wishing we had more of each other's time, but we're working to get thru this busy demanding time in our lives so we can make the most of family time before our little princess turns into a sassy diva who hates us both, steals our cars and money and breaks curfews and laws. Oh Lord help us.

Tata for now. :)

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Layla has the flu. BAD. She's been sick since Sunday afternoon and yesterday / last night were BRUTAL. I don't know which end is up at this point. Took her to the dr, she thankfully doesn't have an ear infection and has a flu virus that is apparently going around. Seeing as how she has barfed on me about 394 times, I should start yaking any second now.

Awesome. Oh, and thanks to "anonymous" for the heads up on my last post error... eh hemm... Kelly.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Life Moves Pretty Fast...

Whoa... seriously? It's already Memorial Day?? The last time I posted was 5/12? Life's been pretty jam packed lately, that's for sure. I can't tell you exactly what's been jamming our lives to the brim, just the usual I guess. It's just crazy that it's already the end of May.

This weekend we had Brian, Theresa and baby Logan visit. It was great to finally meet Logan, and I think Layla may have her first crush! ;) We went to the zoo and just hung out. The weather didn't start to cooperate until today, and the Meyers had to leave early this a.m. so there wasn't too much to do besides catch up.

The dads worked in the basement (thanks BMeyer for helping w/the doors!) and the moms were on baby duty and drank two bottles of wine, and a variety of beers -- don't worry, we spread them out over the weekend. We didn't go balls to the wall with the babies in our care or anything.

Unfortunately, Layla came down with a fever yesterday afternoon. Threw up all over herself in her crib and proceeded to throw up all over me at least 8 times. I'm still doing laundry. She's not doing so hot today. In fact, I called urgent care when her temp spiked to 102.9, but was then told that we wouldn't need to bring her in until it hit 105. Please. I can't even imagine how miserable we'd all be if it got that high. She is burning up, can't keep a thing down and quickly approaching dehydration. Never a dull moment around here I tell ya. Say a prayer for our little beepa.

I have lots of videos from the past month to post but since Layla is now screaming, I'll do that this week instead of now.

Happy Memorial Day everyone, and thanks to all our soldiers that have served and are serving now.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Catchin' Up

Monday... blah.

Layla bean is doing okay since the big tubes day last week Wed. She has another cold as of yesterday though and is like a snot machine today. I got a big ol' snotty kiss before work today and about 32 snotty sneezes in the face after work. She's not in the best of moods and I have reason to believe she is now teething. I gave her some Motrin, let her suck on a frozen banana (thanks Nan) and down she went after a bottle and some rocking. Whew.

This weekend we went to an old friend of mine, Deana's, wedding. Fun times. Breakfast at mom's for mom's day and back to the home front yesterday afternoon. Nothin' too special.

This week will be another "go go go" week, but I'm beginning to think this is just normal. Friday night I'll be sitting for Zippidy Doo Da (how do you spell that?), the latest and greatest addition to the Sherman (Jake's parents) family. An 8 week old Bishon (sp?) puppy!

Some pics of Layla, who now knows how to hold her own bottle and LOVES baby biscuits.

Peace n' chicken grease yall.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Bean got tubes today!

Well, today was the big day... "surgery" number two was today: tubes. All went well... Bean was fussy and MAD after surgery, but took lots of great naps today and is happy as pie now!! She's talking like you wouldn't believe. I think because she can hear a lot more than she could before the tubes.

Pictures to come...

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Daddy's lil' Girl

A few pics of bean pie and daddy, just haning out. Layla LOVES to crawl all over Jake. Her favorite thing to do at night is crawl on him and tell him about her day, then she usually takes a nap on his lap or his chest. She's more relaxed with daddy than anoyone else. The only person she'll really just sit with and be mellow with is her daddy. Last night, I came home from running errands and they were napping together on the couch. Awww...

The last two pics have a funny little story with them. My fitness fanatic of a husband decided that he wanted to make his own medicine balls to use as part of his insane daily workout routine - which he referrs to as "the underground". After hours of pouring sand into old volleyballs and basketballs (thanks coach), and duct taping, he was the proud new owner of this set of medicine balls. They range in weight from I think 12lbs to about 30 or 40lbs. He must have been wooped after his construction project, as you'll see from his picture ... I guess this is what you call a "post medicine ball project nap".

Is it Friday yet???