Monday, September 17, 2012

Technology curse

See! See what happens when I try to commit to using technology!? It back fires on me - every time. Every God Damn time! I think it might be blogger that's cursing me. Every time I revisit it, shit hits the fan.

It's 11:18 a.m. and I've been trying to connect to my work network for work since 8:30. Here I sit, watching the clock tick, tick, tick, with no access and I'm unable to work because although I work for a GIANT finnancial corporation, we cannot get our SHIT together to form a solid technology support system. Can you believe that I was rerouted SIX times this a.m., only to land with someone who's solution was submitting a "help ticket" for me? That ticket was submitted almost two hours ago and I haven't heard a peep from anyone. I called to check the status of it and all they could tell me was that no one had picked the ticket up yet.

You know what I'd like to know? I'd like to know why the hell I can't do my job the way our I.T. group does (or should I say doesn't) do theirs. You know, something like this: "Hi, I work in I.T. I don't really know how to solve your problem, so I'm just going to Google it for you, even though I know you could do that yourself. After that doesn't work, I'll tell you to call some number that I've never tried myself, and the rep on that line will tell you to call another, and the process will repeat itself six to twelve times. After that, we'll tell you that we really care, pretend to sub what we refer to as a 'ticket' just to get you off our ass for a few hours, and when you finally call back a few times to see what's going on, we'll tell you we can't fix it unless you go to your nearest branch to use their network and maybe then we'll fix it for you, but probably not. At that point, you'll have to make the hour and ten minute commute to your office to resolve the issue, where you'll talk to a rep who tells you your computer has been obliterated by a corrupt file and we'll need you to send it to Minnesota. Minnesota will keep your laptop for a week, send it back, it still won't be fixed, and then you'll have to send it back again. Hopefully once the issue is actually 'resolved' you haven't lost your job for being unavailable and / or for this very blog post."

Cripes. What a JOKE.

Just sayin'. Maybe later I'll post with an update on the kids and some pictures for you visual learners. For now, I needed to vent.

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