Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Better pull up my Big Girl Skivvies

Well, I recently took the plunge and committed myself as a writer / strategist for a fitness / wellness / nutrition Facebook page called Big Girl Skivvies, partnering with my bestie, Theresa. It's going to be one fun adventure that I'm looking so forward to since I'll have the opportunity to write about something that actually interests me (nope, believe it or not, my day job writing topics aren't really that riveting to me).

We'll be launching our Big Girl Skivvies blog soon. And as I thought about that, I realized that if I'm going to commit time to writing for a fitness / mommy blog, I better get to it with our family blog, for God's sake. So here goes, another commitment to myself and you (whoever you are), to provide random thoughts and happenings on all things Sherman.

The latest with the kids: Layla is growing into one shining star of a little girl. We're on a big kick right now with the whole, "What do you want to be when you grow up." Her latest dreams: choreographer, Culver's worker, and teacher. She cracks me up. The other day, while trying on a dress that a friend of mine gave to us, she said, "Mommy, look! I can wear this dress in the summer when someone dies!" Good grief - I'm guessing that's a sign that I don't really dress her up enough unless there are unfortunate circumstances.

She's also growing into quite the loving big sister. Don't get me wrong - she has her moments where I see a glimmer of, "I'm going to shove that baby right off this couch if she doesn't stop touching my shit" in her eyes. But for the most part, Layla is a loving, protective, adorable big sis. Since Maya is starting to move around pretty freely, and is getting close to walking, Layla is loving helping her get around and helping her 'practice' walking. I've even found them playing together a few times and am loving it!

Maya is a hitch. She'll be one year old next week and is developing quite the sense of humor. She loves to make us laugh and has discovered that funny facial expressions also make us laugh. She's got the deep frown down pat at this point. She also loves telling her daddy, "I love you!" It is the cutest thing ever. When we ask her for a kiss, she dips her head down and leans forward at an alarmingly fast rate. You pretty much have to be on guard or else you're going to get a fat lip from her big dome coming in hot for a kiss.

We still haven't gotten to the bottom of her eczema. We have an allergist appointment tomorrow that I'm a bit nervous about because of the skin test. Hoping it isn't too traumatic for her and hoping that we find some answers (although really praying that we're not told she's allergic to ever food under the sun).

Maya's 1st Birthday party is this Saturday! Just a tiny little gathering at the house. I'm sure she'll have a blast being spoiled and eating cake - I ordered a cute cake with rubber duckies on it (her favorite). And hell no I didn't even contemplate actually making the cake. Let's not get ahead of ourselves here folks.

More to come from the Sherman fam. For now, bring on Spring!!

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