Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Happy 1st Birthday, Maya!!

Happy Birthday to you, our little Mayasuarus (aka: "Smalls")!!! I can't believe that it was just one year ago today that you came into this world to join us (eight days early). I remember that morning like it was yesterday... My water broke while we were still sleeping, at around 6:00 a.m. and when I told your daddy he flew out of bed like the house was on fire. This didn't happen when your big sister was born. She was born on her due date, and I had to be induced because she had no plans of joining us in this big wide world unless she was forced to. So daddy's only "experience" with the whole labor process was via t.v. He thought for sure that you were coming at any second, and that we needed to get to the hospital as soon as possible. I laughed, and told him that was only in the movies, and that we could at least get Layla up and ready for school, feed her some breakfast, and for God's sake, I wanted to take a shower! You were born at around 12:30 p.m. on April 16, 2012, by C-section (little bugger, you were upside down in my belly, to our surprise)!

Our family is now complete with you here, Maya. You bring sunshine to our lives every single day. Your smile is the brightest, most vibrate smile I've ever seen. And your passion for this family is amazing, even at the young age of one. When you see your sister you light up, and same goes for your daddy. You also love, love, love your "brother" Hudson. You always reach for him and talk to him, but when I bring you near him to pet him, you're either reluctant, or in the mood to smack him (I think you think that you're giving him love pats). Your favorite time to pet him is when he's sleeping, and for some reason you love lifting up his lips and digging around in his mouth. I'm sure he really appreciates it.

You're not walking yet, but I think you will be soon. You're standing and scaling anything you can get your hands on, and sometimes will walk with us if we hold your hands. You've definitely got a lot less weight on you than your big sis did at this same age, so I'm surprised you're not running around like a maniac yet.

You're favorite thing in this world is your polka-dot blanky. Daddy was teasing you the other night with it, pretending he was going to take it and you did NOT like it. You took hit away from him and took off like you had just robbed a bank. You've also fallen in love with your new "Maya" ball from Auntie Meg. In fact, you about jumped out of my arms this a.m. when you saw it sitting in the living room!!

We had your birthday party this weekend and it went great. Gma D, Gpa Ice, Autie Meg, Uncle Jeremy and Nonnie all came to shower you with gifts. You were a bit overwhelmed at first though, because you woke up from your nap to a house full of people and presents and we sat you down and expected you to be as excited as we were right away. You warmed up pretty quick though, after you got your new ball! And you were a big fan of all the rubber duckies mommy got you too!

Happiest of Birthdays to you, our love.

 Ripping paper. Cheap entertainment.

 Did you want me in this pic? I can lean in!

 Ohhhh, I'm so excited! My first tankini!!

 Wait, can I eat this? Will it taste better than the vegan shit you're gonna give me in a few minutes?

 Introducing her to her brand new duckie puppet!! Love!

 Balloons and balls - who needs more??

 Vegan cupcakes. Thanks so much Nonnie for bringing these!!

 Duckie cake that our poor smalls couldn't eat. :(

 See? She loves it!

Don't even think about taking my ball!!

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